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frequently asked questions

When will my order ship?

Turnaround time for all print orders is 7 - 14 BUSINESS DAYS which excludes weekends. You'll receive confirmation as soon as your order is ready to go. Each design is printed one by one and packaged with care to arrive safe and sound! 

I placed separate orders, will they ship together?

While I always try to group orders together for the same address, sometimes orders may ship separately. 

Are you closed? All the prints are gone.

Thanks to you guys' amazing support, I've decided to open the shop only on Fridays and Saturdays of every week. 

Are you taking commissions?

No, not at this time.

I would love to use your art for a project (personal or commercial), can I?

Currently, I do not license out any of my designs for personal use, commercial use or otherwise. This includes creating your own products using my art, using it for presentations or  promotional signs and materials. If you still have questions, please ask.

Can I buy a digital copy of your art?

At this time, my work is only available in print form.

Can you design my logo?

I don't oor branding materials (business cards, flyers, etc).

What is the largest size your prints come in?

8" x 10" is the only size available right now, but I do have plans to offer more options in the future.

Can I get a smaller size than 8" x 10"?

Many of my designs tend to have tiny details that can get lost when printed at smaller sizes like 5" x 7". For this reason, 8" x 10" is the smallest size I offer.

Do you ship internationally?

Currently I ship to the USA, Canada and UK. I hope to open this up to more locations soon!

How does paying for international shipping work?

USPS will try to calculate your shipping at checkout, but if it can't, there is a default flat rate for international shipping. If your actual package ships for less than that rate, you'll be refunded the difference.

I saw a design on your Instagram but it's not in your shop - can I still buy it?

Most of my designs are still available for purchase even if you don't see them in the shop. Just shoot me an email and I can add it back in for you.

Are you accepting stockists?

Yes! I love hearing from amazing brick and mortar shops about expanding She Is This. Shoot me an email here!

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